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Shannon from Sebring writes

Can Rodeo Herbicide kill Brazilian pepper tree, and is it safe to use near a pond that has breeding gators and crocs?

I have Brazilian pepper outside of my pond and in that pond are my gators and crocs. Will this kill the Brazilian pepper if i did a cut stump method or drill a hold in the stump to put the mixture in and still be safe for the gators and their eggs?


Yes, Rodeo Herbicide is labeled for Brazilian Peppers and can be used around wildlife habitats and wetlands where aquatic life would be.  According to the product label: Cut trees or resprouts close to the soil surface. Apply a 50 to 100 percent solution of this product to freshly cut surface immediately after cutting. Delays in application may result in reduced performance. For best results, make applications during periods of active growth and full leaf expansion. 

Answer last updated on: 02/06/2018

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