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Product Overview

Rodeo Herbicide is a very popular glyphosphate herbicide for the control of aquatic weeds and plants. Rodeo Herbicide is effective on nearly all emergent plants like Cattails, Grasses, Bulrushes, Purple Loosestrife, Alligatorweed. Rodeo is systemic - kills the roots for multi year control. There is not a more economical way to control tall weeds. Mix the Rodeo concentrate with water and a non-ionic surfactant (See DyneAmic Surfactant) and apply by using a back pack or Chapin sprayer. For Cattail or Lily control wait until plants are mature. Apply to dry plants. No water use restrictions.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Glyphosate-isopropylammonium 53.8%
For use in Aquatic Sites: including all bodies of fresh and brackish water which may be flowing, non-flowing or transient
Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Ponds, Seeps, Irrigation & Drainage Ditches, Canals, Reservoirs, Estuaries
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Yield 2.5 Gallons will Cover Up to 5 Acres
Formulation Professional Product
Group 9 Herbicide
CT, ME (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 25.75 lbs
Manufacturer Dow AgroSciences
UPC 662974316794
EPA Registration 62719-324


Product Features:

  • Top choice for emerged aquatic vegetation control
  • Broad-spectrum grass, broadleaf weed and brush control
  • Nonselective
  • Controls entire plant – roots and all
  • More convenient to use in difficult-to-reach areas than mechanical methods
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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Good product, but not for every problem

    By Jd on 05/30/2011

    Verified Purchase

    I specifically bought this product to control weeds in my farm pond. It arrived quickly and well packaged; no problem there. Close reading of the Rodeo literature included with the product states, "will not control underwater plants, or those with foliage mostly underwater." Naturally, these were the plants that I wanted to control. Lesson learned: just because it says "aquacide" doesn't mean it controls all plants in the water.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Cattails dying off

    By Sam on 09/26/2010

    Verified Purchase

    I have a small pond entirely filled with cattails. Tall ones, too--8-10ft. I sprayed about 1.25 gallons of this at a 5% solution and nearly everyone turned brown within 2 weeks. I will probably have to spray a second time because those things grow so fast.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works great on Phragmites

    By Phragmite on 09/22/2010

    Verified Purchase

    Purchased because it is our state-approved for use on or near water---lakes and streams. Added the surfactant DyneAmic as recommended (which is also safe for use on water). Killed those very invasive tall water-loving phragmites. Used 3 oz to 2 gal of water and it worked well.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Rodeo Aqua Killer

    By Marion on 04/25/2014

    Verified Purchase

    This is great stuff but you must be very careful because even the slightest mist or overspray will kill anything growing close to the shoreline. I have used this product before and it prevented new growth for about 5-6 years. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of lily pads and other shoreline vegetation.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Rodeo and Phragmites

    By Elizabeth on 08/22/2010

    Verified Purchase

    The Rodeo Herbicide mixed with DyneAmic Surfactant are doing a good job killing my Phragmites. I used a 10% mix.

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Questions & Answers

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How much Rodeo to 1 gallon of water and how much surfactant do I dilute with it?

I see that Rodeo is recommended to mix 2 and 2/3 oz per gallon of water, but surfactant is listed as between 0.12oz and 0.64 oz. Will be spraying aquatic weed alligator weed.

You will use 2 2/3 fl. oz. of Rodeo Herbicide per gallon of water. You can use about 1/3 fl. oz. of Kinetic Nonionic Surfactant.

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Does Rodeo Herbicide kill lily pads?
Rodeo Herbicide will kill Lily Pads. If you are making an application with a sprayer you would use approx.  2 and 2/3 fluid oz. Rodeo per gallon water or 5 pints Rodeo per acre. Please refer to the product label for application.

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Is Rodeo Herbicide safe for use around dogs?

My dogs swim in and drink out of our pond, is this product safe for them and how long should I keep them away from the pond after using this product? Also, is it safe for the fish?

Rodeo Herbicide is labeld for use in ponds, streams, lakes and other bodies of water including bodies of water that are located in wildlife habitats. Products that would harm fish or other aquatic animals would indicate on the product label that the product could not be used near bodies of water. When used as directed on the product label Rodeo should be safe for dogs and other animals.

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How long after applying Rodeo Herbicide, can it rain?
Be sure that rain is not on the radar for at least 6 hours after application of Rodeo Herbicide.

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Is Rodeo Herbicide safe for fish?

We have a large pond fed by a tributary from a river. Parrot feather is growing rapidly. Will this product help rid the pond of this invasive plant?

Yes, Rodeo is safe to use in ponds that have fish and other aquatic life. We just started carrying herbicides due to customer request, but they are not our specialty. We would like to refer you to the manufacturer to enquire about the parrot feather since they are the experts on their Rodeo product. The manufacturer is Dow AgroSciences, and you can reach them at 800-992-5994.

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Rodeo Herbicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.8 (40 Reviews / 132 Q&A)

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