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Brenda writes

Can I spray Phantom and then later on spray Bedlam over the same area?

Can I spray Onslaught and Phantom over the same area at different intervals? There is a small spot area underneath my computer table where the bugs are especially active and probably live between the floor tiles. I would like to spray the Phantom for long-term control and the Onslaught or Bedlam for more immediate control.


You should apply one or the other, but not two in the same place.  All of the products you had mentioned are very good products and it really is overkill to apply two in the same place.  Bedlam and Onslaught may work a little quicker than Phantom and because of this it would not benefit you to spray Phantom over another product.  The Bedlam and Onslaught will kill the bugs just the same, and adding Phantom would not make them work quicker or more effectively.  All of this being said it would not hurt anything to apply Phantom over the same area, but it would not be very cost effective.

Answer last updated on: 11/18/2009

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