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Hee from New Jersey writes

Can I spray Phantom diluted solution with roach bait gel at same time?

I have heard that Phantom is a non-repellent spray material. In general, when I treat with roach bait gel, I cannot use roach spray together because spray material has repellent characteristic. In addition, can I use Phantom spray with mice medicine (bait type - contrac meal or first strike etc.) together at same time?


You can use Phantom at the same time as using a roach bait. In fact you can use just about any type of insecticide at the same time as using a roach bait as long as you do not apply them in the exact same areas. Insecticides should be kept down low for the most part in cracks and crevices and/or spot applications around baseboards and under appliances and around window frames and door frames. Roach baits should be applied up high on counter tops, in cabinets, in drawers, in food pantries and other places where spraying would not be appropriate. Insecticides should not have any effect on rodent baits. You can view our Indoor Roach Control Guide for more tips and pictures.

Answer last updated on: 09/13/2011

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