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Gayle from Phoenix writes

Can Temprid FX be used around my fruit trees without touching the trunks and when is it safe to eat the fruit?

Temprid FX was just sprayed today, 6/7/19 all around my edible fruit trees into the soil, if it gets into the roots would it make the fruit inedible? How far away from tomato plants, and other herbs can it be sprayed?


Temprid FX Insecticide is not labeled to be used on or around anything edibles.  You should keep applications outside of the dripline on fruit trees and at least 15 feet away from anything edible such as vegetables and herbs just to avoid any contact.  Since it does contain a systemic active ingredient it can be absorbed by the roots if it gets down to them on the fruit trees, it would not be recommended to consume anything from the the tree for at least a growing season to be safe.

Answer last updated on: 06/09/2019

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