Temprid FX Insecticide

4.5 out of 5 stars 279 Reviews | 132 Q&A

Product Features

  • Combats over 50 insect pests
  • Quick knockdown and long-lasting control
  • Convenient 8mL bottle makes 1 gallon of finished solution; no measuring required

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.4

279 Reviews | 132 Q&A

Product Overview

Temprid FX Insecticide is a multi-purpose suspension concentrate insecticide that can be used both indoors and outside. The FX stands for ‘flexibility’ because Temprid FX can be used on a large variety of insects in many settings. Combining the fast-acting power of beta-cyfluthrin and the transferal power of imidacloprid, Temprid FX can be used to combat ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, spiders, and more. Target treat your home in places where pests have been spotted or give the outside of your home a perimeter spray (3 feet up and 3 feet out around the foundation of the home) to prevent future infestations.

Temprid FX Benefits:

  • New flexible label means you can control more insects in more places, including indoor, outdoor and foliar applications
  • Combats over 50 insects including ants, roaches, flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and notoriously hard-to-kill insects as bed bugs, scorpions, and spiders
  • Quick knockdown and long lasting control – lasts up to 90 days indoors and 30 days outdoors
  • Two active ingredients help avoid insect resistance
  • Low odor and non-staining formulation
  • Now available in an easy-to-use 8mL bottle!  These convenient 8mL bottles make 1 gallon of finished solution and eliminates the need to measure

Temprid FX Insecticide replaces Temprid SC, which has been discontinued. Temprid FX contains the same active ingredients as Temprid SC, but with a new expanded label that allow for the treatment of mosquitos and use on ornamentals.

envu professional products

Bayer Environmental Science Professional is now Envu.

Envu will continue to offer the same great insecticide, herbicide, and fungicide brands you depend on and trust – including Maxforce, Temprid FX, Suspend SC, Suspend Polyzone, Tempo SC Ultra, Celsius WG, Merit, and more.  The packaging will slowly transition to Envu branding. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 21% beta-Cyfluthrin 10.5%
Target pests Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed bugs, Blue or Green Bottle flies, Boxelder bugs, Brown marmorated stink bugs, Carpet beetles, Centipedes, Clothes moths, Clover mites, Cluster flies, Cockroaches and others
* See Label for complete list
For use in Treat entry points, such as around water pipes, doors, windows, eaves, and areas where pests normally feed or hide, such as baseboards, corners, around water pipes, and more.
Indoor uses only for NY
* See Label for complete list
Application Using foliar, spot, spray, mist, foam, crack and crevice or void applications
* See Label for specific instructions for applying particular application methods
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
NOT FOR SALE TO AZ, CO, CT, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NV, NY, RI, VT (Restricted to Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 0.70 lbs
Manufacturer Envu (Formerly Bayer) (Mfg. Number: 85818643)
EPA Registration 432-1544


How Temprid FX Works

Temprid FX is a dual-active suspension concentrate insecticide with two powerful active ingredients, beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid. Both active ingredients target the nervous system of pests. The ingredients are co-milled, meaning pests are exposed to both ingredients with every application. Beta-cyfluthrin, a pyrethrin, kills quickly while imidacloprid provides a slower kill. Imidacloprid is used for its transferal properties where a pest that is affected can transfer the product onto an untreated pest. This makes Temprid FX great for roaches, ants, and other social colony pests.

How to Use Temprid FX Insecticide (Videos):

Temprid FX Controls the Following Insects:

Ants, bed bugs, blue or green bottle flies, boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, clover mites, cluster flies, cockroaches, phorid flies, pill bugs, sciarid flies (fungus gnats), silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, wasps, western conifer seed bugs, yellow jackets, hide beetles, hornets, house flies, kudzu (globular stink) bugs, leather beetles, midges, millipedes, moths, multicolored Asian lady beetles, crickets, darkling beetles, dermestids, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, elm seed bugs, firebrats, flesh flies, flies, fruit flies, gnats

Application Instructions

Temprid FX can be used indoors as a spot treatment or as a crack and crevice spray, and outdoors as a perimeter treatment and general surface spray. Temprid FX will not stain and has a low-odor. Always read the product label completely before use. Temprid FX can be used on ornamentals (flowering plants) when they are not in bloom and under soffits, eaves, and outdoor awnings.

To use Temprid FX, mix solution with water in a sprayer and shake vigorously before use. See chart below for correct dilution mixes. Remove all children and pets from area to be sprayed. After treatment, wait 1-2 hours for solution to dry before allowing children and pets back into the treated area. Temprid FX will last for 30 days outdoors and 90 days indoors, but can be applied every 7 to 10 days as needed if there is high pest pressure or bad weather conditions present.

Dilution Mixes

  • For preventative and maintenance use, mix 8 milliliters (0.27 fluid ounces) per 1 gallon of water for 0.075% active ingredients
  • To treat infestations, mix 16 milliliters (0.54 fluid ounces) per 1 gallon of water for 0.15% active ingredients
  • Always use 8 milliliters (0.27 fluid ounces) per 1 gallon of water for bed bugs
  • Always use 16 milliliters (0.54 fluid ounces) per 1 gallon of water for faster knockdown of flying insects, like hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets

Indoor Use

Temprid FX can be used in the following areas indoors:

  • In cracks, crevices, and voids.
  • Around water pipes, doors, windows, eaves, and other entry points for pests.
  • On baseboards, corners, behind or underneath ovens and refrigerators, in cabinets, underneath sinks, and other places where pests feed or hide.
  • Floors and rugs behind furniture, inside closets, and storage areas can be spot treated. Do not apply Temprid FX across the entire floor area.
  • To apply Temprid FX behind veneers, pipes, chimney bases, into rubble foundations, block or structural voids, under slabs, or in the soil of crawlspaces, use a mist or foam application (equipment and foaming agent sold separately).

Bed Bugs

Temprid FX is a great product to use when treating for bed bugs because it can be used before heat treatments. Bed bug eggs that are treated directly with Temprid FX are killed outright while young nymphs that emerge from eggs are killed by dried residue.

  • For infested mattresses, remove bed linens and wash. Dry in a high heat dryer to kill bed bugs. Then, apply solution of Temprid FX and water (8ml product per 1 gallon of water) to tufts, seams, folds, and edges of mattress until moist. Remake bed once mattress dries.
  • In upholstered furniture, apply to tufts, seams, folds, and edges. Do not apply to flat surfaces where prolonged human contact will occur.
  • In luggage, apply to seams, folds, and edges until moist. Be sure luggage is empty and do not use or fill luggage until solution is dry.
  • On baseboards, moldings, curtains, furniture, beneath floor coverings and carpets, in closets, around shelves, and on picture frames, use Temprid FX as a crack and crevice treatment.
  • Reapply every 7 to 10 days as needed until infestation is eliminated.

Outdoor Use

Temprid FX can be used in the following outdoor areas:

  • Apply to areas where pests can enter a structure, where they have been seen or found, or where they can hide including the surfaces of buildings, porches, patios, around doors and windows, utility entry points, soffit areas, eaves and attic vents, drilled holes, and foundation cracks.
  • To prevent or control an infestation, apply a spray 3 feet up and 3 feet out around the perimeter of a structure, including walls and around windows, doors, and soffits. Also treat the soil, non-flowering ornamentals, and turf around the structure in a band up to 10 feet wide.
  • Apply to trees, shrubs, and non-blooming ornamental plants to manage ants and mosquitoes.
  • Apply along paths, tall grass, and other non-blooming vegetation to manage fleas and ticks.
  • For stinging insects, treat nests or mounds.

To protect honey bees, only spray Temprid FX when pollinators are not active and there is no wind to carry Temprid FX toward pollinators.

Wood-Infesting Pests

For wood-infesting pests, including drywood termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powder post beetles, use a mixture of 8ml (0.27 fluid ounces) of Temprid FX per 1 gallon of water. Apply where pests have been seen or found. Mixture can be applied with a sprayer, brushes, or rollers (all sold separately). Consult product label for specific applications.

More Information About Temprid FX Insecticide

  • The shelf life of Temprid FX is 3 years when stored out of direct sunlight and extreme temperature with the lid tightly shut.
  • Temprid FX is toxic to fish and other aquatic life. Do not apply where water runs off to lakes, rivers, sewers, drain, and other bodies of water.
  • Temprid FX is toxic to bees and other pollinators upon direct contact. Be sure to apply when pollinators are not active.
  • Use appropriate personal protection equipment when using Temprid FX and to follow instructions on label for appropriate use.
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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Jason on 09/06/2017

    My company has been using Temprid SC for almost 3 Years now we do about 20-30 Bed bug Extermination's a day in Michigan Temprid SC Has been very good to us with great results and it will be a great choice! But with all that being said Temprid FX Is the future for our company! They say it's the same formula but there is a difference I don't know what it is but there is a difference! Bed Bug knock down times are extermly faster almost immediate we almost couldn't believe it so we stayed and watched after being sprayed the bed bugs did not move at all they were dead soon as we seen the results we knew that this chemical would be the future. We used this in over 10 homes so far today in the Detroit area same results every time! Got to get back to work guys!

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    257 of 310 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Miracle Solution!

    By Nicole on 11/24/2017

    I received this product and a few others 4 weeks after first discovering bedbugs, after trying several other cheap methods. I did 1-2 rooms per day. I removed all items that could be washed and dried twice, I put un-washable knick-knacks, lamps, pictures, books, etc into totes and placed in center of room. I sprayed perimeters of floors, ceilings, window casings, under and behind furniture and the items in my totes. I also used bedlam in furniture seams, and topped the room off with cimexa dust. I did not put fabrics/unnecessary tote items back into the room. I repeated the vacuum, spray, dust process after one week and slowly returned some items. Have not seen a single live bug or bite since first treatments! One month bug free!

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    172 of 183 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Better than expected! Glad we found you guys!

    By Sara on 01/26/2018

    We purchased this product at the suggestion of a friend in the business. After buying a small lakeside cabin for cash we realize that at some point it had had a bedbug problem. We received a professional

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    96 of 103 people found this review helpful

  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Very good product.

    By Hopeton on 07/18/2018

    This is one of the better product i have bought from this site.Within half an hour of using this product i saw result.Bugs were dying all over the house even some of them i didnt even know i had because i had bought this for a roach infestation..The knockdown power is super effective.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    95 of 104 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Temptid FX

    By Kim on 11/10/2017

    Good and helpful to get rid of bed bugs

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    55 of 63 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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What is the difference between Temprid SC and Temprid FX?

I need to know which one is better for bed bugs and roaches thanks


Temprid FX Insecticide is the exact same product as the best selling Temprid SC however, there are many new changes. Same suspension concentrate as the SC, the "FX" simply stands for flexibility. Foliar application is now included on the label. With this foliar application, it is highly effective in controlling honeydew feeding ants, and is a great tool against stink bugs in the late summer and fall. Mosquitoes are now on this label as well. They have also added protection for polinators on the FX label.  So either product would be an excellent choice for bed bugs and roaches.  

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235 of 258 people found this answer helpful

How long can I store Temprid FX once it's been mixed with water?

Temprid FX Insecticide should be used or discarded within 24 hours of being mixed with water.  

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161 of 176 people found this answer helpful

Is Temprid FX Insecticide a repellent?

Beta cyfluthrin- a repellent is a nerve pesticide that kills.


No, Temprid FX Insecticide is not a repellent.  With its two active ingredients the insecticide has two modes of action, a quicker knock down and a longer residual.  When mixed and applied per labeled instructions this insecticide is undetectable to insects thus allowing them the walk through it and come in contact with the chemicals that kill them.  

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Is Temprid FX Insecticide safe for children?

Temprid FX Insecticide should only be applied to indoor cracks and crevices when children, pets and others are not present. Once the product has completely dried, they can re-enter.

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158 of 170 people found this answer helpful

Can I use a pump sprayer I bought from Walmart to apply Temprid FX Insecticide?

Temprid FX Insecticide can be used in any type of pump sprayer following the instructions on the product label for your target pest.

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124 of 129 people found this answer helpful

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Temprid FX Insecticide 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.4 (279 Reviews / 132 Q&A)

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