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Darin from Glenwood Springs, Colorado writes

Can Tengard SFR be applied under a cherry tree to catch the Western Cherry Fruit Fly as it emerges from the ground?

We have issues with 2 cherry trees and 2 apple trees. Different but similar pests. In both cases the worms in the fruit drop to the ground and pupate over winter in the dirt. Emerge in the spring and fly up and lay eggs on the unripe fruits. I would love to spray the ground under the trees and nail 'em as they emerge from their dirt nap before they can fly up to the tree and worm up the fruit. I know of folks that lay nets down to prevent them from rising up to the tree. This would seem like a chemical 'net'. If not Tengard, other ideas? The trees are in the middle of our lawn, which is sprinklered.


Tengard SFR is not labeled for edible vegetation. There is not anything you can really spray on the soil to kill them. You can use Neem oil to treat the fruit tree and pick up any fruit from the ground. 

Answer last updated on: 07/12/2021

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