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Allen writes

Can I use Precor IGR Concentrate by itself and still get rid of fleas?

We recently purchased some Precor IGR from your company. You recommend combining it with an insecticide but, for several reasons, we're very reluctant to use any insecticides in our home. If we use Precor all by itself, vacuum carpeted areas frequently, do 2-3 applications 14 days apart, etc., will we eventually get rid of the fleas?


Our company and the manufacturer will always recommend that you use both an IGR and an insecticide to eradicate fleas successfully. Keep in mind that the insect growth regulator does not kill adult insects, so you are going to keep finding adult insects if you are not using an insecticide along with this. If you are concerned about certain active ingredients, then you can use an indoor-only insecticide such as Zenprox EC, or a natural adulticide such as Essentria IC3. (Keep in mind that certain all-natural products may have a strong botanical odor.) You may also consider Wondercide Flea and Tick Control Pets and Home for adult flea control as this is a water-based product that is all-natural and can be used indoors and on dogs and cats, too. Or you can use a steamer to kill adult insects in sensitive areas. Be sure you are also treating your pets with a registered flea control product.

Answer last updated on: 09/30/2019

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