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Bill from Leesburg, Fl writes

Can I use Rodeo Herbicide or another product to kill weeds on a lake bank that has lots of cypress trees & knees?

I have a lake bank with several different types of weed growing from water's edge to about 15 feet up on bank. The area has several cypress trees and lots of cypress knees mixed in with the weeds. Will Rodeo harm the cypress trees if spray gets on the cypress knees?


Yes, Rodeo Herbicide can be use in a lakebank to kill weeds along it, but we would recommend to spot treat the weeds around the Cypress trees and Cypress knees as to not cause injury to them. Per the label you need to "avoid contact with foliage, green stems, exposed non-woody roots or fruit of crops, desirable plants and trees, because severe injury or destruction may result". 

Answer last updated on: 07/27/2017

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