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Ken from Mi writes

Can I use Taurus SC Termiticide on flat surfaces (sidewalk cracks, patios, surrounding bushes, ant mounds?

The ants, all species, are ripping up my paver patio, newly laid.


Taurus SC Termiticide is a great product for ant control, however its very restrictive in how and where it can be used. Any ant colonies further away than 18 inches from the foundation would need to be treated with a different product. Fipronil Plus C is the same ingredient as Taurus but a different percentage, and has a wider labeling for use areas. It would be a better option for your treatment needs and would provide you with the transfer through the colony you are looking for. You would want to direct the spray into the crevices between the pavers rather than over the surface of them so that the solution is concentrated to the locations the ants are emerging from beneath the soil. 

Answer last updated on: 07/01/2021

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