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Catchmaster 72TC Glue Boards

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    STICKY !!!!!!!!

    By Honest on 11/05/2019

    Yup, if a mouse/rat runs across one of these they're gonna be there! If you step on one of them...well, you just got your shoe re-soled. They work for what they are. I still like snap-traps the best, but these are simple to use...except for disposal. For the the disposal aspect and a little issue with some of the instructions I docked it a star. Problem with removing an edge to get the sticky pad closer to the edge of the wall...never could get it done. But, as an added benefit it also catches roaches and other uninvited guests. For putting out for the occasional intruder they should work great...a silent sentinel. They keep well, too, so don't worry about them going bad and the glue not sticking...I had mine stuck back for quiet a while and had a definite occasion to use some...they were fine after a couple of years of storage!

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)