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    Catchmaster Fly Ribbons - Case (96 ribbons)

    By Rita on 09/10/2015

    These fly ribbons do not work. They are a waste of my money. The flies will not go near them.

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    My previous review is missing!

    By Diana on 04/24/2018

    Verified Purchase

    I ordered these last year by mistake. I like the Revenge brand better. The Catchmaster brand is very annoying. 1) The wax is too thick, so the pull ribbon often pulls out, leaving the lid still in the tube. 2) If you do successfully get the lid out of the tube, you have to pull very slowly to get the fly strip out - but even going slowly and carefully the strip still tears and you end up with only a short piece of fly strip and the rest is still in the tube. 3) There is no "attractant" - no flies were attracted to these strips. I still want to leave a negative review because the product is useless. Hope this negative review isn't deleted this time. That wouldn't be honest, right?

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Hello, We do not delete reviews because they are not favorable to a product. You will see many negative reviews on product pages. We want our customers reviews to be reflective of their experience so future customers can learn from past customers. The only reasons for not publishing a review are if the review has foul language, is not indicative of product performance or gives instructions on off label usage. We did search our data base and found your previous review. We also see that our customer service team contacted you at that time. The review could not be published because you were leaving a negative review because you ordered the wrong product and that is not indicative of the actual product performance. We further see that our team sent you the product you meant to purchase free of charge. We will publish this review as it does pertain to product performance. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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