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    The best traps for gophers

    By John on 11/09/2020

    I've been trapping gophers for over 20 years using these cinch traps: they are the best! Tey allow easier placement into the tunnels than Macabee traps and other "tunnel"-type traps. Be aware with any trap placement one has to dig up the ground to find the lateral tunnels, so many times you disturb the surround are significantly. However, if you keep good watch for fresh holes, then it's often very easy to clean out the hole and insert the long arm of the trap into the hole with the cocked arm visible. If a gopher trips the trap, the arm flips to a different position and tells you a gopher tripped the trap. Purchase the small cinch trap for garden gophers.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)