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Cluster Flies

Cluster Fly Inspection Guide

Where Do Cluster Flies Hide in the Home?

By DoMyOwn staff

In the spring, you may see flies clustered around windows and doors inside your home. These flies are aptly named cluster flies. Cluster flies are a nuisance pest but do not cause harm to humans as they do not carry disease.

If you are seeing cluster flies inside, knowing where they hide in the home is essential for the cluster fly treatment process. Use this guide to find the source of your cluster fly infestation.

Where Cluster Flies Hide in the Home

If cluster flies manage to find their way into your home, they will search for small cracks and crevices in which to hide. Once in these crevices, they will typically stay put throughout the winter. Homeowners usually will not see cluster flies until temperatures warm in the spring and cluster flies try to leave their hiding spots in search of food outdoors.

Inside the home, cluster flies will hide in the following spots:

  • In nooks and cracks in walls
  • In attics and basements
  • Under rarely used bedding or clothing
  • On curtains
  • Beneath furniture
  • On the underside of art or picture frames

Once temperatures warm, cluster flies will try to leave the home. On warm days, cluster flies can be found around windows, doors, and lighting inside the home.

Where Cluster Flies Hide Outside of the Home

On some warm winter days, cluster flies may venture outside. On these days, they will be found on the warmest/sunniest side of the house.

Cluster flies can also be found where earthworms live, as cluster fly larvae (maggots) eat earthworms. Earthworms (and cluster flies) are commonly found in the dirt of garden beds and lawns.

If you have found cluster flies in or around your home, read our cluster fly control guide to learn how to treat your home for cluster flies. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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