Natural & Organic Compost for Turf & Lawns

Compost is created from decomposed organic and natural matter. Added to gardens and yards, compost can add a boost of nutrients to lawns to increase soil health, plant health, and encourage growth. Our ready-to-use natural compost can be used in flower beds, potted plants, vegetable gardens, and anywhere plants grow.

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Natural and Organic Compost 

There are many reasons people use compost. Adding compost to your soil helps improve water holding and nutrient holding capacity in the soil, breaks up and improves soil structure and texture, can be used as mulch, top dressing, prevent or control erosion, and more.

 Compost is often comprised of animal manure, like buffalo, cow, or turkey manure, which has been aged so it won’t smell or contain dangerous bacteria. Wood, plants, or other organic materials may also be added to these products. If you’re growing an organic garden and want to use compost, look for products listed as OMRI compliant or labeled as suitable for use in organic gardens.

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