Compost Wizard Bamboo Starter Kit

Compost Wizard Bamboo Starter Kit

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Product Overview

The Compost Wizard Bamboo Essentials kit is perfect for giving your composting process a kick start. The 3-quart bamboo compost pail is great for collecting table scraps and keeping contained until you are ready to add them to your next compost batch. Foul odors are undetectable with the replaceable carbon fiber filter in the lid. The coco fiber pack that is included can expand up to 1.43 cubic feet, and works as a great peat moss replacement. It creates pockets of moisture that are breeding grounds for bacteria in compost. These bacteria do a majority of the composting. The compost booster pack can treat up to 12 cubic feet of compost each. Once the pack is added to your compost, it speeds up bacterial growth therefore making the composting process up to three times faster. The stainless steel thermometer reads from freezing to boiling in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It will not corrode or deteriorate due to use. 

Features and Specs

For use in Residential & Commercial: Urban & Rural areas, Indoors & Outdoors
Application * See manual for complete application instructions
Color Brown
Material / Construction Bamboo
Special Features 3-Quart Pail with a Carbon Fiber Filter
Stainless Steel Thermometer
Coca Fiber
Compost Accelerate
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Parts Included Compost Wizard Compost Booster
Compost Wizard Compost Fiber Brick
Compost Wizard Compost Thermometer
Trilingual Instructions
Kitchen Accents Bamboo 3 Qt Pail
Shipping Weight 10.00 lbs
Manufacturer Good Ideas, Inc. (Mfg. Number: CW-STA3QT-BOO)
UPC 00818755012519


The Compost Wizard Bamboo Starter Kit features a 3-quart pail that has a replaceable carbon filter that will keep any foul odor from escaping your pail. The coco fiber (coconut coir) is the part of the coconut that is usually thrown away during the harvesting process until now! It can expand up to 1.43 cubic feet, and works as a great peat moss replacement. The coco coir breaks down slowly, therefore it will not need to be replaced for several months. The Compost accelerant can be used to treat up to 24 cubic feet of compost. To apply to your compost, just add one bag of the accelerant to one gallon of water and then mix. Be careful not to add too much at one time to your compost, you may flood or over moisturize it. Bacteria feed on this 100% natural enzymes, and makes the composting process up to three times faster. The Compost Wizard Thermometer makes keeping your compost at the correct temperature a breeze. At 110 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (44-71 degrees Celsius) the decomposition is at its peak. With the Compost Wizard Thermometer, you will be able to determine if your pile is too cool and if more materials need to be added, or if it is not receiving enough air or moisture. If your pile is too hot, it may need extra turning or water to help cool it down. With the large dial and bright red dial that gives measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, you will be able to accurately determine the temperature of your pile. The stainless steel thermometer will not corrode and will hold up against use. Whether it’s used in a compost bin or a pile, the Compost Wizard Thermometer will give you an accurate reading and your compost will be done in no time. 

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