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Giuseppe from Staten Island, Ny writes

Could I use canola oil and liquid soap with Essentria IC3 in my Fogmaster?

Could my ingredients be water and canola oil and liquid soap? Someone told me to add canola oil to the mixture so the fog would stick to shrubs and bush and leaves. Also, would I be able to add some garlic mosquito barrier with it or will that make the Essentria ineffective?


The oil used for diluting Essentria IC3 in fogging applications is mineral oil.  Cooking oils would not be recommended to be used and dish soaps would not, either.  The product is also already oil based and will stick to surfaces well as it contains an adjuvant already.  Mosquito Barrier would be applied in a separate application for repelling listed insects and would not affect the Essentria.

Answer last updated on: 07/13/2015

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