How To Control & Get Rid Of Crickets

Crickets are not harmful pests, but their chirping can become a nuisance, especially in large numbers. DoMyOwn has the products needed to removed house crickets and field crickets before they become an overwhelming infestation, protecting your ears and your plants.

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Crickets are categorized into two main segments of the population:

1.    House Cricket

2.    Field Cricket

House crickets, as the name implies, are found inside homes and present a problem due to their incessant chirping which can easily become overwhelming. In addition, they are known to eat many substances such as paper and fabric which can damage property if left unchecked.

Field crickets on the other hand are found in lawns and gardens and present their own unique set of challenges for a homeowner. They can also invade houses and cause a nuisance, and if you’re wondering how to get rid of crickets in your house, we have the right products for you.

The main threat crickets pose is the fact that they feed on soft parts of plants, including grasses and any plants you might have in a garden. This can cause both aesthetic and structural damage to the plants, and any cricket problem should be dealt with quickly.


How to Get Rid of Crickets

The most effective means of controlling these pests is with cricket baits such as InTice 10 Perimeter Bait or Niban. These products will kill crickets and will keep more from coming into the treated area.


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