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Frederick from Spring Hill, Florida. writes

Deltagard doesn't seem to effect ant colonies. Is there another product that works better?

I'm a repeat customer and enjoy using your products, as they all seem to work well when used correctly. Part of my regimen consists of applying Deltagard to my lawn outside, although it controls roaches and other bugs I still see ants nests all over the yard in fact they increase in amounts. I find myself having to sprinkle some delta dust to get rid of them. Do you have anything specifically for preventing red and black ants making nests in my yard? Thanks.


Insecticide granules like DeltaGard do a great jobs on most insects.  However, since ant colonies are underground and so is the queen, in order to eliminate the ant colony you need to get a product down underground where the queen and other members are that don't normally leave the colony.  The insecticide granules like DeltaGard only kill the worker ants that walk on top of the ground and look for food.  While the product is killing some of the ants, the queen and rest of the colony is still thriving underground.  It is recommended to use an ant bait granular bait for your issue.  Instead of killing the ants, bait granular is a food the ants pick up and take back to the colony like any other food.  They end up passing the food around, the bait, and the poison ends up being fed to the queen and all of the other colony members that do not normally go outside.  This method should kill the entire colony, not just the workers that walk on the surface.  Our most popular ant bait is Advance 375A.  You should not apply any more insecticide like DeltaGard while using bait because you don't want to kill the ants before they make it back with the bait.  Apply the bait when it is not going to rain for a couple days if you can help it.  You should try to let the bait remain dry as long as possible.

Answer last updated on: 05/22/2012

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