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  • Asked by Stacy from West New York, Nj
    Is DeTour safe around dogs & cats?
    DeTour is a bio repellent and contains an ingredient that irritates rodents and makes them exit the building or home, but does not harm them.  If your pet got into this product, it would not harm them, but it would also irritate them just like the rodents.  You should only place this product where your pets cannot access it, but rodents can.  Places such as behind appliances, in wall voids, entry points (small holes) where rodents enter, etc.
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  • Asked by Jane
    How long does an application of DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent last?
    Does application need continuous line or can it b intermittent in order to create a barrier? Indoor and Outdoor?
    When DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent is applied according to the product label, rodents will be repelled for at least 30 days or longer if the product is left intact and undisturbed. Reapplications will be required on an as needed basis in areas with a large rodent infestation or where the product has been disturbed or removed by rodent contact. This means that you should check application areas every few weeks to make sure it is still on the surface. Do not to apply DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent directly to porous surfaces as it can be absorbed by the surface which can lower the overall efficacy of the product. DeTour can be applied indoors and outdoors directly around areas where rodent activity has been noticed and any area where rodents can gain access to a structure (doorways, windows, vents, utility lines). You can see the full DeTour instructions by reading the product label.
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  • Asked by Nathan from Atlanta, Ga
    Will Detour For Rodents And Insects work on a fence?
    We have a privacy fence around our yard and the squirrels go up and down the fence so I'm wondering if it would work if applied around the top of the fence and how long it would last there.
     Detour For Rodents And Insects will work if applied to the fence post.  DeTour is very durable and will last indefinitely in undisturbed areas such as wall voids or under shelves in dry areas. In High traffic areas reapplication is needed.
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  • Asked by B.w. from Lake George, Ny
    Is it similar to silicone
    Often times ill use silicone around exteriors to seal minor voids. Does this product bond like silicone?
    DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent will bond like silicone. The thicker it is applied the longer and more effective the product will last on the surface to which it is applied.
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  • Asked by J from Virginia
    rat has chewed wires on vehicle can this product be used on cars/trucks under the hood?
    The DeTour Foor Rodents Bio-Repellent does not label specifically to be used on cars/trucks or under the hood. Please refer to page 1 of the product label for a list of recommended areas.
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  • Asked by Deeg from Arizona
    Will a regular caulking gun work with Detour For Rodents And Insects?

    Detour For Rodents And Insects is designed to be used with a regular caulking gun. 

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  • Asked by Hasna from St. Lucia
    Does the DeTour Sealant come in a larger tube?
    This is the only product that keeps lizards away but I need a bigger tube.

    Detour Sealant is currently only available in a 10 oz tube. If the home is larger, more than one tube may be needed for application.

    There are no toxic products labeled for lizards, geckos or any reptiles or amphibians, and given the highly beneficial nature of these creatures there is not likely to be any products for them any time soon.The reason they are on your property is because they can find food and harborage. Take away their food and they will forage somewhere else. Take away the conditions they need for hiding and they will seek refuge someplace else.

    You really have two options here:

    1.Exclusion. Total exclusion can be hard to achieve particularly around the roof-line where there are going to be gaps that would be very hard to close off, but there also could be some obvious flaws such as broken vent screens, holes around cables, pipes or wires, or gaps under doors. All of these can easily be closed with brush strips, caulking, copper mesh (Stuf-fit), or some other suitable material. Exclusion is the best choice, because it is permanent, and eliminates or reduces the problem in the future too.

    2.Outdoor habitat modification. In short get rid of the reasons lizards are there in the first place. They are there because they are finding the food they need to survive (insects) and a place to harbor. If you can eliminate either of these essentials, you can get rid of the lizards. Spray a good residual insecticide such as Demon WP around the outside of your home to help cut down on the number of insects the lizards are eating. If lizards cannot find enough food they will either move on or starve. Eliminate as much clutter and debris around the outside of your home as possible to eliminate the places lizards like to hide. Rake back mulch or rocks at least 6 inches from the structure. If you need to get rid of the lizards that are already indoors the only options are catching them by hand or using glueboards placed in areas where the lizards travel.

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  • Asked by Duzzie
    What if this product is used and the repellent is spread on top of food table or around then?
    If accidental ingestion of product occurs what will happen? If human touch it and spread by rubbing eyes? What if it touches food?

    According the DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent MSDS Sheet, the following First Aid procedures should be followed:

    Eyes: Immediately flush the eyes with water for 15 minutes until Material is removed from eyes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

    Skin: If clothing is contaminated, remove and launder before reuse. Wash off immediately with soap and plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation occurs.
    Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If breathing is labored, administer oxygen.
    Ingestion:Do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water. Seek medical attention if necessary.
    Below are the application instructions for kitchen/bathroom areas to reduce the risk of contamination. You may read the full Application Instruction Guide for detailed instructions on placements, guides and tips on how to apply the DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent.
    Kitchens/Laundry Rooms
    1. Use DeTour under refrigerators. It may require a flat tray or some other device that
    will allow DeTour to be applied and slid underneath. You can also attach an extension
    tube to the gun in order to apply the product further toward the back, where it is inaccessible.
    2. Apply DeTour under sinks and cabinets. Due to the heavy use of kitchen/laundry
    cupboards it would be best to keep the DeTour covered or use the Roadblocks.
    3. DeTour should not be placed directly on the floor. If the area is inaccessible DeTour may be placed on a removable substrate such as sheet metal, duct tape or visquene.
    4. In heavy infestations apply more DeTour in/on trays that can be removed once the
    rodents are eliminated, provided there are not children/pets in the home.

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  • Asked by Patty from Ontario Canada
    Does Detour for Rodents work on bats?
    The Detour for rodents has not been tested for bats so we are not sure if it would work for bats.
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  • Asked by C. from Baltimore, Md
    What is the area that a tube of DeTour will cover?
    DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent coverage area depends on how and where you applying. Please review the Application Instructions.
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