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Brian from Az writes

Difference between Alpine WSG and Premise/Dominion 2L for ant control

How does Alpine WSG and it's active ingredient compare to Premise/Dominion 2L and imidacloprid for ant control? Will one work better to eliminating a colony of ants with a single treatment?


The active ingredient Dinofeturan in Alpine WSG and Imidaclopirid in Dominion 2L will give you the same results. Both active ingredients are non repellents and effect the nervous system resulting in death. Dinofeturan products are mostly EPA Reduced Risk and are more versatile meaning you can you them indoors and outdoors. Imidacloprid is strictly to be used outside the home.

Without knowing the specific type of ant you are treating for and if you're treating inside or outside the home, it is difficult to recommend one over the other. When treating for any species of ants, multiple treatments are usually required. Using a granule as a broadcast over the yard and liquid treatment against the structure will help not having to do monthly treatments. All this depends on the type of ant you are treating.

For example: Termidor SC is labeled for Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants and other ant  species including crazy rasberry ants and when applied as a perimeter treatment 1ft up and 1ft out from the structure can last 6 months. Talstar XTRA Granules is labeled for Ants (expect Pharoh Ants), including Carpenter Ants, & Imported Fire Ants. When applied as a broadcast over the entire lawn will last 2-4 months.

Answer last updated on: 09/30/2014

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