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    Disappointed to learn this is systematic

    By Jennifer on 04/03/2018

    Does it kill on contact? Yes. Does it kill quickly? Yes. Does it keep it dead? NO. I did a lot of research on this product but clearly not enough. It does not move throughout the plants, so will only kill parts of the plants that it contacts. I don’t know if I just assumed this would kill to the roots or if I just didn’t see it stated otherwise. I wanted to control the grasses next to the lake but as soon as it was dead there was new growth. At this point I would be spraying every week and constantly have half dead grass, which is ridiculous. I can’t think of a need for a product I am constantly reapplying unless it’s for sod preparation so it won’t kill new grass. This is not the reason I bought it. Sure, it’ll kill grass and cattails, but they will be back, and soon! For such an expensive product I expected more, very disappointed and I won’t be purchasing this again. As far as Do My Own goes, shipping was fast, so satisfied all around there.

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    By Harold on 09/25/2012

    Verified Purchase

    Need to know active ingredient/gallon on all pesticides. Is Diquat 2 lb ai/gallon? as in farm use. Is Roundup 41%/4 lb ai of isopropyl form of glyphosate? Or 1%

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