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Beckey from writes

Directions for Havoc Place Packs?

I purchased these packets from local hardware store. How do I use? Do I open the packets or do I put whole packet and they open to eat? I will be placing behind stove and pantry under cabinets where I have seen mice and rats. I need to know if I leave packets sealed or do I open?


While we really do not recommend using baits inside as you cannot control where a rodent is going to die, the Havoc Place Packs are just placed down without opening them.  For rodents inside it is best to use snap traps and glueboards so you can control where they are going to die.  You should also seal up all cracks and crevices outside that are allowing them access to inside.  Using tamper resistant bait stations with a rodenticide like the Havoc outside would also help if they are coming and going. We have some guides here that can help as well

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Answer last updated on: 04/01/2020

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