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DIY Lawn Disease Control

By DoMyOwn staff

Prevent and treat lawn fungal diseases with these how-to videos.

Lawn Disease Treatment and Control
Make sure to time your fungicide applications to ensure your lawn is disease free.
What is the Best Way to Prevent Lawn Disease? - Lawn Care Tips
See how you can save time and money by preventing lawn disease before it starts.
How to Inspect for Lawn Diseases
It is important to known the signs of a lawn disease so you can effectively treat for it.
How to Prevent Brown Patch in Cool Season Grass Types - Lawn Care Tips
Brown patch in cool season turf is influenced by many things including high heat and humidity, mowing height, and fertilization.
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  Cool Season Grass Disease
Paul will go over his plan to get rid leaf spot disease as well as discuss plans to rehab the lawn.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Apply Fungicides
Paul talks about the best way to apply fungicides in your lawn."
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  Understanding Fungicide Resistance
Paul discusses fungicide roation, FRAC codes, and fungicide resistance some more to try and help you understand how important it is.
How to Get Rid of Leaf Spot
Leaf Spot is a turf disease caused by fungi that can move into plant death at the roots, causing your lawn to die. Learn to prevent and treat for this disease with these tips.
How to Use Heritage G Fungicide
Heritage G Fungicide offers preventative and curative control of common turf diseases like brown patch, leaf spot, and more!
How to Use Pillar G Intrinsic Granular Fungicide
Pillar G can control anthracnose, dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch, summer patch, fairy ring, snow mold, and more!