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L from Chicago, Il writes

Do I have baby bed Bugs or fleas?

I bought Drione from you to kill bed bugs, they are almost 100% gone. Now my ankles are being bitten all day by what seems to be fleas. Don't have a pet. I used mattress covers and also Bedlam. Do I have fleas or a baby bed bug problem? Evidence of fleas = Saw one bug seem to jump when I tried to kill it (may have been small fly), small black flecks, biting like fleas on ankles. Evidence of Bed Bugs plus I know I had them but your Drione has helped greatly! Thanks, Jon


That is a question we cannot answer.  In this situation, it is imperative to identify what you are dealing with.  The best way to do this is to catch one on a glue board or tape or something so that you can take it to a pest control company that has an entomologist on staff or a local college with an entomology department.  Some things you describe could be bed bugs or fleas.  It is too hard for us to give a definitive answer without a specimen to see.  We hope you understand our position.

Answer last updated on: 11/04/2011

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