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Richard from Woodstock, Illinois writes

Does PROFLEX kill caterpillars, butterflies, and/or bees?

I have a property that has many flowers, designed to attract the butterflies and bees. The mosquitoes are really bad, though. I am looking to target the mosquitoes, while protecting the other listed insects. Will this work, or is there something else that will do what I am looking for?


Yes, Proflex Encapsulated Solution can harm beneficial insects if they are sprayed directly or contact a treated surface long enough to receive a lethal dose. Insecticides are not designed to be selective in the insects they kill really. To avoid contact we would recommend applying early morning or late evening when they are less active and avoid spraying any blooms.  Also key with mosquitoes is to apply to the underside of the leaves on trees/bushes which is where the adults lay during the day.  The only product we have that would be safe for bees once dry is the Mavrik.

Answer last updated on: 06/11/2019

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