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Sandie from Palmetto, Fl writes

Does Sevin kill grubs, or do you have a special product to kill them?

I applied GRUB Ex last week. Today I found 2 live grubs. What kills grubs?


It is typically a little late in the season to start treating for grubs. Sevin is not recommended for grubs often because it does not penetrate the soil – Sevin is really just a contact kill for surface feeding grubs. Grub Ex has been updated to a newer, long-lasting systemic active ingredient recently, however the older product may have had a contact kill only. One option to use around edible plants is treating with Milky Spore.  You should apply Milky Spore grub control granules with a push spreader or a hand spreader in the Spring, Summer, and Fall for 2 years to create the long term residual. Once established, Milky Spore lasts 10+ years. If you are treating in turfgrass and around ornamental plants, we recommend using a systemic product in Spring before egg hatch, such as Merit Granules. We have more great tips in our White Grub Treatment Guide here.

Answer last updated on: 08/20/2015

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