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Lois from Montreal, Mo writes

Does the All Natural Bed Bug Kit work for dust mites?


The All Natural Bed Bug Kit would not be the appropriate treatment for dust mites.  

It is probably not possible to get rid of dust mites completely, since there will always be dust. However, making an undesirable environment for dust mites is the key to control. By carrying out the following control measures, you will drastically reduce the number of dust mites in your home, thereby lessening the allergic reactions of those who are sensitive.

  • Encase your mattressbox spring and pillows. Purchase encasements that are "dust mite and allergy proof". Sealing the main infestation points in an encasement can eliminate much of an allergy sufferers symptoms. 
  • Properly sanitizing all bedding every week can eliminate much of a mite infestation. Wash stuffed animals, comforters, blankets and sheets in warm water (at least 77 F). By taking time to do this step you can remove all dust mites as well as their allergens from your bedding.
  • Spray items that cannot be washed like curtains, carpets, couches and recliners with a product labeled for dust mites like Steri-fab or Bedlam. Both of these products must make direct contact with dust mites to kill them, so taking time to treat suspected areas is important.
  • Vacuum carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture and other suspected areas to remove infested dust and allergens from the home. Be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and promptly discard bag and contents outside of the home.
  • Dust mites need high humidity levels to survive. By using a dehumidifier or running a central air conditioner, lower humidity levels (less than 50%) than can be tolerated by dust mites can be achieved.

Answer last updated on: 05/29/2019

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