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Noah from Ellicott City, Md writes

Does this work on wavyleaf basketgrass in the woods and my lawn, and what ratio/surfactant/crop oil to use??

Assuming Grass Out will work on wavyleaf packing grass and/or Japanese stiltgrass, what mix ratio should I use? Also, what surfactant or crop oil concentrate, if any, do you recommend, and in what ratio(s)? The grass to be killed is in the woods, with some of it starting to creep into my lawn. Thanks!


Wavy Basketgrass is a relatively new invasive species that is hard to control. Unfortunately, the Grass Out Max is not specifically labeled for Wavy Basketgrass so we can't say for certain whether it will work but many Master Gardeners and Universities highly recommend Clethodim or Glyphosate based herbicides such as Grassout Max and RoundUp Quick Pro. Please note that the Grassout Max and the RoundUp Quick Pro will kill grass/turf that it is sprayed on so you will need to reseed the affected area of your lawn.

Answer last updated on: 06/19/2014

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