Medical Supplies for Dogs & Puppies

Caring for your dog at home is easier now thanks to our canine medical supplies. Use these products for both the prevention and treatment of infections, irritations, rashes, and other ailments. By being proactive with your dog’s health, you can save yourself the cost and time of an unexpected visit to the vet.

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A coagulant for minor cuts that offers excellent capillary bleeding control on wounds and minor cuts.
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An anti-fungal and antibacterial formula which provides effective recovery aid solution to your pets.
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A recommended spray solution against ringworms, hotspots, acute moist pyoderma and more.
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Provides a breathable, protective layer on the wounds of your pets to help keep out debris, dirt, and germs for quick healing.
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A moist, juicy, flavorful and shapeable paste that mask pills to help feed your pets easily.
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An emergency first aid treatment for symptoms of colic, scours, dehydration, gut ache, and other digestive episodes in multiple species.
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An anti-diarrheal treatment for controlling non-infectious diarrhea in horses, cattle, dogs, and cats.
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Specially designed to let you administer pills to your pets easily with or without water.
Quick View Sulfodene 3 - Way Ointment for Dogs
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A highly effective ointment for dogs that relieves pain and prevents infection caused by germs and insects.
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First aid ointment helps prevent infection, relieves pain and provides a barrier against insects and germs.
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A high-quality styptic powder that rapidly stops bleeding caused by minor cuts or scratches on dogs, cats, and birds.
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First aid gel for pets that will help seal and protect wounds.
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A 3 ml medicine dropper that can be used for administering ear and eye drops, as well as supplements and other medicines to small and large animals.
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A digital thermometer with fast 60-second readings and an auto shut-off feature.
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A fast-acting antiseptic styptic powder for stopping minor bleeding on your dogs, cats, and birds.

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