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    Works great

    By Ed on 05/11/2010

    Verified Purchase

    Been using for three years since I moved to rural area with chickens and livestock, and on well water became more environment oriented. I like that it works, is more earth friendly and doesn't smell like poison. Down side it takes a lot per use, cups vs scoops.  Just buy two jars.

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    Very Safe, Works Okay, But There are Better

    By Justin on 04/20/2014

    Verified Purchase

    I live in an apartment and had a small colony of German roaches behind the refrigerator. Since, we are contracted with a Pest Control company, I let them take care of the problem but noticed no difference and would still see as many as four (4) roaches a day! I wasn't home, so I don't know what they did, but I gave it two weeks because some products take time... no improvement! Got everything immaculately clean so as to not have a crumb of food for these buggers, and called them back a second time (two weeks later) and met the pest control guy, who was quite apathetic and lazy... He tried to get in/out in one (1) minute - understandable being list is probably quite long. He baited the buggers behind the refrigerator with Vendetta (also sold here), and briefly sprayed the baseboards (not on top of the bait) with EcoPCO... I don't know which concentration he used (maintenance or clean-out) only that it was probably mostly for show. Researching the products myself, I determined this EcoPCO WPX is among the *greenest* products, so I bought it, the exact same product our pros use! Unlike some other products the downside from what I have been reading is that this product kills only insects that directly come into contact with it (understandable). It also leaves some small water spots on surfaces painted with semi-gloss paint (i.e. window ledges) which my other synthetic product didn't. It is hard to judge this product being the bait worked so well, but I found a dead roach on the window ledge, so it must work. That said, I expected to see more dead roaches near the baseboards. Realistically, killing on contact does not necessarily mean kills instantly! Either way my problem is totally resolved! While there are certainly faster, more efficacious products, in terms of being safe and green, you probably cannot get a better product in this price range! It is certainly vastly superior to ANYTHING sold in stores!

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