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John from Oklahoma writes

Essentria IC3 for marina and boat spider/wasp control

We have a boat that's stored under a cloth cover on the water in an open but covered marina. We have a terrible problem with wasps and spiders infesting the boat and the marina roof above it. I'd like a product that I can apply no more than once per month to the underside of the roof and around the boat and cover that will kill the bugs and prevent them from coming back. The product would need to be safe for children on the boat and for fish since we'd inevitably get some overspray into the lake while spraying around the boat and marina. Is Essentria the right product for this, or can you recommend another one? Also, I've heard that these insecticides are safe around children "after they've dried." If we apply it to the inside of the boat and then let it dry, it will be re-wetted as water splashes back on the boat and wet kids crawl around on it. Will re-wetting the product make it toxic to humans again?


Essentria IC3 is the right product for you! Essentria IC3 is safe to use around your family and also around aquatic life and it will work great for wasps and spiders. Essentria does not repel insects but rather eliminates them once they land on treated surfaces. Once Essentria IC3 has dried after the application it will not reconstitute so there is no worry that a child may be harmed if touching a surface that has been treated, dried and now has been gotten water on it.

Answer last updated on: 06/06/2012

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