Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-Treme - No Till

Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-Treme - No Till

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Product Overview

Throw and Gro Radish X-Treme - No Till is great for food plots that are not capable of using heavy machinery. This formula provides the same ingredients and nutrients as the original Throw and Gro but have radishes added. Seeds in this mixture include Forage Radishes, Forage Tetraploid Ryegrass, Forage Clovers, and Forage Rape Brassica.

Forage Radishes: These radishes have high protein and are perfect for food plots. They have similar characteristics of other Brassicas but have a larger bulb that are attractive to deer. The leaves can resist grazing pressure to produce more green forage to keep deer coming back for more. It will also improve soil by breaking it up and providing organic matter into the soil.

Forage Tetraploid Ryegrass: This type of ryegrass produces a a high quality forage with more sugar added and protein than others. Plants will grow large and be very nutritious from ryegrass.

Forage Clovers: These clovers grow faster than other clovers and could grow 12 inches or taller. They contain high amounts of protein up to 35% and have minerals that deer needs and craves.

Forage Rape Brassica: Provides high levels of protein and has minerals that provides up to 38% protein. It is flexible to be added to a variety of soils and will provide large forage in the winter months. Plant heights can grow up to be around 24 inches. Forage Rape Brassica will become mature around 45 days. Sugar will begin to develop and will attract more deer to the site.

With the use of Throw and Gro Radish X-Treme - No Till, deer will quickly be attracted to your food plot.

Features and Specs

Coverage Area 5 lb bag will cover 1/4 acre; approx. 11,000 sq ft; 25 yds by 25 yds.
Shipping Weight 5.18 lbs
Manufacturer Evolved (Mfg. Number: 73005)
UPC 786541730056


Follow these 5 Easy steps for best results when planting Throw & Gro X-Treme as a NO-TILL application:

1.Select a Plot Area:
Look for a level area receiving at least a half-day of sunlight. Find an area in the woods recently cleared or an abandoned field for the perfect location for Throw & Gro X-Treme, no-till application.

2.Ground Preparation:
Remove weed competition and leaves by raking, spraying, or mowing. It is still important to give the seeds in Throw & Gro X-Treme as much help as possible to reach bare ground. Contact with the ground is required for any seed to grow.

3.Fertilize & Lime:
a.Fertilizer Requirements - A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your plot’s need for fertilizer and lime. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 75 lbs of 13-13-13 fertilizer per 1/4 acre or equivalent.

b.pH of Soil and Liming - The recommended soil pH is 6.0-7.5. A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your soil pH and the need for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 500 lbs of Lime per 1/4 acre.

4.Broadcast Seeds:
Spread the seeds evenly over prepared area at the rate of 5 lbs per 1/4 acre. If the ground has not been broken with machinery, dragging the plot with fencing will help ensure ground contact with the seed. Should you choose to till, plant 3/16” deep by mechanical drill or by broadcasting the seed evenly over the seed bed, dragging the plot to cover the seed. You can lightly pack the soil by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

When the plot grows to 3” tall you can fertilize again with up to 10 lbs of ammonium nitrate per 1/4 acre or equivalent. This will help establish your plot, but only use when the ground is moist to reduce the chances of burning. You can repeat this step to push your plot to keep producing forage faster as the deer begin to graze heavily on the plot.

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