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FBS-1 Fly Bait Station

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    I'd Give 0 Stars If I Could....

    By Bryan on 04/04/2013

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    I've been in the Pest Control business for over 22 years, and I've never had such a miserable failure from a product like I did these stations. I tried three different baits and mounted these in the dumpster areas of about a dozen restaurants and NEVER found on dead fly in any of them. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

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    FBS-1 Fly Bait Station

    By Randall on 08/21/2015

    I set up the FBS-1 on a post four feet above the ground, and filled both trays with Maxforce bait, and a week later I emptied the Maxforce, and replaced it with Golden Malgrin bait to see if that would work. Neither baits worked in the FBS-1 for me in my workshop area that is across from horse corrals. (The horse corrals are cleaned up every morning at six O' clock AM as part of the fly control here at the ranch.) Disgusted I decided to build my own bait stations that would allow the air to flow through the bait station, as well allow the flies to enter from either side of the station. That works. I am finding dead flies now, and the outrageous amount of flies we have had this Summer (absolutely the worst in thirty years we've been here) is definitely reduced back to what I would consider normal for Summertime fly population. The only time the FBS-1 worked was when I left open the door, and the flies actually lit on the bait. The next day I found three dead flies in the trays. I don't want to have exposed bait to kill the flies, so as I said I built my own, and nothing but flies, and that size of insect can get inside to the bait.

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