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Kat from Crossville, Tn writes

Flea Issues in the yard from neighborhood dogs!

I have five dogs, they are all fenced in or live in my home. I am a responsible dog owner and my dogs DO NOT get out, however i live in a neighborhood where people find it ok not to fence their dogs in thus turning my lawn into the neighbrohood bathroom. This also brings pests like fleas. I use frontline but when i allow my two inside dogs to go outside in the front yard to use the restroom they bring fleas back in. I bought Sevin yard granules but my boyfriend and i have argued because he didn't water the yard this going to cause me trouble or hurt my animals??? Thanks so much for your time!!


Watering the Sevin granules in is what activates the granules. If it is going to rain close to the time you are applying the granules that will be fine too. Failure to water in the granules can lead to treatment failure because the chemical cannot be released from the granule and will not be available to the pests. The dry granules usually fall into the thatch layer of the grass and will largely not be available to pets and people walking over the surface so they should not pose any danger to you or your pets. Everyone should stay off of the treated lawn after the granules have been watered in and should stay off of the grass until the area has had a chance to dry.

Answer last updated on: 06/06/2012

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