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    By Cee on 10/26/2011

    Looked at this product as I have an indoor cat & wanted to use a product that was safe for both cat & family. First 4 reviews read showed 5 stars & had me excited even thou more recent reviews didn't exactly promote product as well. Ordered & it came quickly so I was excited to tackle our flea infestation. Read directions & used as directed (as 1 other reviewer indicated, labeling doesn't make it sound as safe for pets & crawling babies as what you read. Since I had already paid the $, I went ahead & still decided to use but it does concern me about the safety of the ingredients). Waited the full suggested 7 days before vacuuming again. Meantime still had major flea issue as I would walk the carpets with white socks & still get them jumping on me & biting! Went so far as to put the powder in a zip lock bag & placed a live flea in it. That stinker lived for over a week jumping around & crawling through it with no signs of slowing down. While waiting for this product to rid us of fleas, I went to petsmart & bought 3 cans of an IRG spray. It has been the only thing to kills these bastards quickly! (I thought I had been patient long enough. Btw, I also had a test baggie with a hertz flea collar & the flea I placed in that one SAT & hung out on the collar that was said to be effective for 7 months!). Maybe the fleas in So. Cal are immune to powders & collars but those products didn't seem to work. Also buy the spray that this company offers. They do ship their products quickly but running to your local pet store will also supply you with what I feel is the only thing that kills fleas on contact immediately (I also sprayed the baggies because I was so fed up & frustrated after watching these fleas still living after a week). I'd also go out & buy a dyson vacuum or similar if you don't have one already. It's a worthwhile investment as you will be vacuuming everyday to rid your home of these buggers. If you can't afford one, borrow one.

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    Helped control not eradicate...

    By Juan on 04/16/2010

    This product did not work for me it helped but did not get rid of them.  I used fleabusters now that works and they guarantee it.

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