Fly Control

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A professional insect growth regulator formulated three active ingredients.
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Offers an advanced solution to help you get rid of insects without buzzing, zapping or using added harmful pesticides, chemicals, and refills.
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An energy efficient UV insect lamp with a stylish design that hides that glue-board from plain sight.
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Nectar Fly light Trap is a subtle way keep your food preparation areas clear of flying pests.
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A large and durable fly light trap that provides 24-hour, non-chemical trapping in commercial areas.
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Wall mount adhesive trap to capture flies discretely.
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Multiple sizes available
A powerful yet discreet fly light device that attracts and traps flies in style
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A professional fly light trap that attracts and traps flying insects using attractant lamps and glue boards.
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A professional insecticide that is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for ornamental plants & vegetables in commercial greenhouses, nurseries and shadehouses.
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A professional grade fly light with 1 fly pheromone glue board and two 15 watt UV bulbs.
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Premier outdoor insect electrocutor to suppress flies and other flying insects.
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Gardner WS-95 Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap is a fly light for catching flies and other flying insects.
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A high-quality, economic LED insect light trap that attracts and captures insects.
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A professional electrocuting light trap built for night-flying insects in shipping, receiving, and warehouse areas.
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A one-of-a-kind trap that makes it easy to catch flies and other insects.
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An innovative insect trap light that provide 24-hour protection and ensure non-chemical trapping.
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An attractive insect light trap that features a slim design which provides effective fly control.
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A professional fogging insecticide that contains 3% pyrethrins and 6% PBO for fast control of even the toughest insect infestation.
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A professional water-based pyrethrum insecticide that controls over 85 insects for commercial & residential indoor and outdoor applications.
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A professional insecticide with pyrethrins that is OMRI Listed for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor on crops, livestock and ornamentals.
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A professional insecticide that kills mosquitoes, flies and gnats applied by thermal foggers or ULV misting units
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An advanced solution in eradicating flying insects from your valuable place.
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A professional micro-emulsion insecticide for commercial & residential, indoor & outdoor use on mosquitoes and other flying insects and includes the use on livestock.
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A portable fly light for table tops or on the floor that uses 4 32 watt bulbs and 3 adhesive glue boards for commercial food processing to supermarkets.

Flies – The Annoying Buzzing Pest

fly up closeFlies are well-known, pervasive and annoying pests. They can be found in virtually any location in the country, and are often hard to get rid of once they have entered a home. They are usually drawn into a house by the presence of food, or something such as trash that hasn’t been removed in a timely manner. Although they may seem difficult to get rid, there are numerous fly control products available to quickly and effectively deal with flies in the house or outside.

Not only do we have all the products you will need to eliminate the problem of flies both inside and outside your home, but we also offer free expert advice from our team of pest control specialists to guide you through each step of the fly extermination process.

How To Get Rid Of Flies

Knowing that flies are usually drawn to unsanitary conditions, it is important to make the first step in your fly elimination efforts cleaning of the affected area or areas. This can be as simple as making sure to take out the trash regularly as well as ensuring that there is no food left out to be found by these insects. Once you have made sure that the area is clean, you can decide which fly killer product will be most effective in getting rid of the problem. Here are a few of the more commonly used products and some tips on how to use them.

•    Fly Trap

Fly traps are designed to be both attractive to the flies and to not allow their escape once they land on the surface of the trap. This is accomplished by using a sticky sweet substance that is often attached to paper, this will attract the flies that are generally in search of sugary substances, and will also ensure that they cannot escape once they have landed on the paper. These products are best for smaller infestations, as they can become clogged with flies in the case of larger infestations. 

•    Fly Bait

Fly baits are designed to draw the insects in and poison them once they have eaten the products contained in the bait. You should be careful to ensure that these are kept out of reach of children and pets as they can have harmful side effects if ingested.

•    Fly Lights

Fly lights are fly control tools that rely on the fact that these insects are naturally drawn to light sources. The back portion of the light box contains a glue trap that will not allow the flies to escape once they have landed on the surface. The traps in these lights are replaceable, and they come with the benefit of containing no poisons or harmful chemicals.

•    Fly Repellent

In the professional pest control world, fly repellent doesn’t really exist. We carry products that will help you attract flies to a baited source that will then trap and or kill the flies, but fly repellent is not something that makes sense for professional grade fly control. 

Fly Control Basics

Fly Control in your home, restaurant fly control, kitchen fly control, barn fly control and commercial fly control starts with these steps:

1.) Determine the source of the infestation, and if possible remove or eliminate breeding sites for flies. Clean dirty kitchens, remove food sources, eliminate garbage, etc.

2.) Use a combination of fly lights, fly baits and traps. Often times fly problems require ongoing maintenance to keep areas fly free, especially kitchens and restaurants where food can never be completely eliminated. 

Pictures of Flies

Here are some fly pictures to help you feel even more motivated to get rid of them.

Fly 1
Image courtesy of the University of Michigan

Fly 2
Image courtesy of De Anza College

Fly 3
Image courtesy of Michigan State University

Fly 4
Image courtesy of Stanford University

Fly 5
Image courtesy of Arizona State University

Fly 6
Image courtesy of the University of Wisconsin



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