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By DoMyOwn staff

Have flies that won’t buzz off? Eliminate them from your home or commercial business and manage them in your yard with professional grade products from DoMyOwn. Watch the videos below to learn how you can control a fly infestation.

Where do Fruit Flies Come From, Live, and Hide
Fruit flies are attracted to fruit aroma. Make sure you know where they are coming from to get rid of them.
How to Get Rid of Drain Flies - Drain Fly Kit
Learn how to eradicate nuisance flies with proper use of our Drain Fly Kit.
How to Use the Luralite Pro Fly Light Indoor Electric Fly Trap
Learn how install the bulbs and use the luralite pro fly light.
Fly Web Fly Light - Indoor Electric Bug Light
The Fly Web Fly Light can plug into an ordinary outlet and has an easy set up.
Fly Space Spray Treatment Application
Space spray refers to spraying an aerosol in the air to get rid of flying pests. Learn how to do an application with this video.
Crane Fly Damage & Larvae Inspection
Make sure to inspect your yard before doing a crane fly treatment.