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Fly Identification Guide

Learn How to Identify Common Types of Flies

By DoMyOwn staff
Image of a house fly
There are many species of flies that can be bothersome around businesses and residential areas. The common housefly is the usual culprit but there are a few other types of flies than can become pests including stable flies, horse flies, bottle flies, black flies and cluster flies. Since house flies are the most common invader in homes and businesses we will focus on this pest in our Fly Control Guide.

How Long Do Flies Live?

The typical house fly can live for about 2-4 weeks depending on food supply and temperature.
Graphic showing the life cycle of the fly

Adults house flies:

House flies range in size from 4 mm to 7.5 mm with the females usually being larger than the males.

Immature house flies:

Maggots, the immature house fly, are about 3 mm - 9 mm long.
Graphic showing the anatomy of a fly
Adult House flies:
  • House flies have 2 large compound eyes
  • House flies have 6 legs
  • House flies have 1 set of transparent wings
  • House flies have small antenna
  • House flies have short hairs on their abdomen

Immature House flies/maggots:
  • Maggots do not have legs
  • Maggots are thinner at one end
  • Maggots are shaped like small worms
Adult House flies range in color from light grey to greyish black and some house flies have dark stripes in their backs. Immature house flies or maggots are pale yellow to light cream in color.
Map showing the range of the house fly in the United States
House flies can be found throughout the US .

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