Fruit Fly Control

Fruit flies feed on rotten or fermenting fruits, vegetables, and other organic material, which is why they are commonly found in the kitchen. A combination of preventative measures and fruit fly control products will control an infestation, removing these nuisance pests from the home.

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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Two Simple Steps

Getting rid of fruit flies doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact there are a few easy steps you can follow that will ensure that you kitchen is free of these bugs in no time. These steps for how to kill fruit flies are listed in the order they should be performed to maximize their effectiveness.

1.    Clean Up

This is the most important step because the insects are naturally drawn to overripe, rotting, or spoiled produce. Therefore, merely throwing out such items or storing them in the refrigerator or sealed containers will lead to a drastic decline in the number of fruit flies, even without any further action on your part. Here are some simple steps to take:

  • Eat, discard, or refrigerate any ripe produce. 
  • If there is a cracked or broken area of a fruit (with flies present) cut off and throw away that piece. 
  • Clean up any spills from cooking or eating immediately.
  • Regularly rinse out garbage cans and recycling bins.
  • Rinse any cans or bottles before putting them in your recycling bin.
  • If canning or making your own beer or wine, always use very tight seals.
  • Make sure all screens are free of rips or tears.

Fruit flies are perhaps the pest that is most tied to the original source of its infestation; that is to say, once the food or trash is gone there is often nothing in the house that will entice the fruit flies to stay. Don’t just place the produce in the garbage, but remove it from your home completely so the flies don’t stick around. In addition, taking away the original source of food will starve out any succeeding generations of eggs that may have been laid. 

2.    Use A Fruit Fly Trap Or Spray

There are several different products you can use to get rid of fruit flies. Because they are flying insects, one of the best ways to kill fruit flies in your house is to use a fruit fly trap. Generally speaking, these are glue-based products that have either a pheromone or a sweet smelling attractant. This will cause the fruit flies to land on the surface of the trap, believing that they have found a meal; however, the sticky substance will not allow them to escape once they have landed. Should the traps become full, they can be easily disposed of and replaced until the fruit fly infestation is under control. 


Besides fruit fly traps, there are also many different fruit fly sprays that will aid you in killing them. Most of them are based on the same active ingredients, such as pyrethroids, that are used to kill larger pests, so you can rest assured knowing that they will have the power needed to knock down any size fruit fly infestation.

Pictures of Fruit Flies

Here are some Fruit Fly Pictures to help you identify them.

Image courtesy of Michigan State University

Image courtesy of Colorado Stat University

Image courtesy of the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Image courtesy of Cornell University

Image courtesy of Michigan State University

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