Galleon SC Aquatic Herbicide


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Galleon SC Aquatic Herbicide quart (32 oz)
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Galleon SC Aquatic Herbicide

Galleon SC Aquatic Herbicide is a selective systemic herbicide used to control large scale aquatic plants. This product is the first to be registered by US EPA for submersed weed control that contains a new technology, the first actolactate synthase inhibitor (ALS).The main species Galleon SC targets are: water hyacinth, salvinia species, hydrilla, water lettuce, duckweed and frog's bit. Galleon SC has flexibility in application ways. You can choose from foliar sprays via boat, ground or aerial, for floating and emergent floating species; Injection for large scale in water treatment; or by direct application for pre emergence control for low water or for drawback. It is low risk- will not harm perennial aquatic grasses or aquatic animals.

Must be used with a surfactant if using for post emergent applications. May be applied with other herbicides or algaecides that is capable for mixing with other products.

Refer to product label for more specific information.

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    4 of 5 stars  galleon elliminates water hyacinth effectively
    By Wade in Hempstead, Texas on 08/05/2014

    I fought water hyacinth for several years by raking my one acre pond but was losing the battle. I finally decided to use an herbicide. After trying Sonar which was recommended and did not work on the hyacinth, I used Galleon. I applied a pint of product directly into the water, and within about two weeks, all of the water hyacinth was brown and dead. I highly recommend the product for ease of application, directly into the water, and effectiveness. The reason for four stars rather than five is the cost. It only comes in one quart size and I only needed a pint for the one acre pond. But, the cost was worth it to restore the pond.

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