Garden Hoses

A quality hose is essential to watering your yard and garden, and is an indispensible tool for a variety of outdoor chores. We carry a selection of garden hoses to help you take on any job that needs a hose.

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Commercial grade water hose that is hexagon shaped to provide years of use and made with EPDM rubber.
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Swan Contractor+ Water Hose is a tough hose, making it great to use on the job and last longer than other hoses.
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Multiple sizes available
A water hose made for conservation-minded gardeners and also light weight to make the watering chores easier.
Orbit 50 ft. Coiled Garden Hose with 6 Pattern Spray Nozzle Quick View
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A hose that provides 50' of use, but will quickly go back to its compact size for storage.
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An industry standard soft and flexible outer jacket but is built tough for every day use.
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For use in low to no flow applications with rain barrels for watering ground plants.

Yard and Garden Hoses

Choosing the right hose for the job is important, because you want your hose to be easy to use. It shouldn’t be a chore to move your hose around your yard, so you should look for a hose that is:

  • long enough to allow you to access all the necessary tasks
  • flexible enough to let you move around corners and over obstacles
  • light weight enough to easily maneuver without a lot of effort

 Some hoses go beyond basics and offer special functions. For example, soaker hoses, or hoses that have holes along the length that allow a slow flow of water, can help irrigate your yard and garden, especially in difficult to access areas. 

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