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How to Get Rid of Ground Hogs (Woodchucks)

By DoMyOwn staff

The ground hog, also known as a woodchuck, is a pest mainly in the eastern United States. ground hogs can cause serious damage to property. Their burrowing activities can cause slabs and retaining walls to collapse and they have been known to completely destroy a small garden in one night.

What is a Ground Hog?

Ground hogs, a member of the squirrel family are chubby animals weighing in anywhere from 4-14 lbs, they have long, stiff brown/gray fur, short muscular legs, proportionally small ears and a short furry tail. ground hogs are herbivores consuming about 1 - 1 ½ lbs of green tender succulents per day. 

What is the most effective way to get rid of or remove ground hogs?

 There are three methods for getting rid of ground hogs that are both practical and cost effective.

  1. Fumigation. Using gas cartridges such as Giant Destroyers to fumigate the ground hog's den is usually the easiest method of getting rid of the pest for good. The gasser is ignited and placed in the ground hog's burrow. The carbon monoxide fumes that are emitted will suffocate and kill the pest. It is important when using this method to follow the product label exactly and to make sure that the ground hog is "home" at the time of fumigation and not out foraging for food. The best time to try the fumigation technique is March through September when the ground hog is not in hibernation and on cool, rainy days when the ground hog is not very active. Giant Destroyers should not be used under houses, sheds or other outbuildings or in areas where the applicators retreat will be hampered.

  2. Trapping. In situations where fumigation is not possible or not desirable, live trapping is an option. ground hogs are fairly easy to trap using the Havahart Cage Trap. Simply set the trap directly in front of the ground hogs burrow entrance/exit. Open the door(s) of the trap and bait it with fruits or vegetables (berries, apples, lettuce, carrots). You can lay sticks, twigs or rocks down to make a "runway" to help guide the pest into the trap. Be sure to check the trap twice daily (more often in hot or cold weather) for trapped animals. Check with local wildlife agencies to see where you may release the animal. Some states require that only trained professionals relocate wild animals, while other states only dictate where they may be released.

  3. Shooting. The third option that is often suggested for ground hog control is shooting. Many states allow ground hogs to be shot if they have become a pest problem. Shooting is often implemented in rural areas where large numbers of ground hogs have taken up residence. This method can be quite effective as ground hogs are slow moving animals which make them easy targets. You should check local and state regulations before shooting to be sure that you are not breaking the law.


Ground hog control and removal products:

Giant Destroyers - The Giant Destroyer will eliminate tunnel dwellers by releasing a sulfurous smoke that asphyxiates them in their burrows. The Giant Destroyer will eliminate ground hogs, chipmunks, gophers, ground squirrels, rabbits, and skunks.

Havahart Cage Trap model 1079 - This trap measures 32" x 10" x 12" trap and is suitable for trapping ground hogs, armadillos and raccoons. Easy to bait, set and release, this high tensil wire mesh trap is steel reinforced for long life and maximum resistance to damage. The smooth inside edges are for the protection of the animal, while the gravity-action door has sensitive triggers to ensure a quick, secure catch.

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