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  • 2 of 5 Stars

    Not Worth it.

    By Lonnie on 07/23/2017

    I own a pest control company. I Immediately changed wand to a B&G 24in wand. Worked as advertised for about a week. Then the bottom screw on the side where you connect battery started leaking. So far I have had no luck stopping the leak. It prevents it from building pressure. Emailed manufacturer and have gotten no response. Its a WASTE of money. Stay away from it. I have not contacted do my own because they have not backed up there products before when they have sent me the wrong chemical. So it is an expensive paperweight now.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Good afternoon, We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with this sprayer. It looks like our team has already reached out to you and sent you a pre-paid return shipping label to return the product for a full refund. We also see that we reshipped you all new product when you thought you had a problem in one of your past orders two years ago (the color of the product label had changed, the product had not). Please let us know what other action you would like us to take to make you a satisfied customer.

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    Verdic still out

    By Darrel on 02/23/2017

    I really like the concept. While in my opinion it is over priced, the tank, battery operated pump and sprayer all appear to be well built. I say appear because I have not been able to use it yet since the plastic hand pump came with a broken plastic tube that does not allow the tank to be pressurized. I called the company and they are sending out a new part. They were helpful and stood behind their product but until I get the replacement part I can not speak to the actual functionality of this sprayer.

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    a weak option that i now use as a back up sprayer

    By My on 08/06/2019

    2.5/5 We got one of these sprayers and i used it for about a month within that month i noticed almost immediately it leaked from the handle even after teflon taping it also drips from the tip like a small piece of debris is in the line towards the top this makes the sprayer almost worthless for indoor yerapplications. oh yea and the gimmick of a pumpless sprayer gave out quick the compressor still compresses but there is no acceptance of pressure into thespray can so i have to pump it by hand no matter what. i still use it for outside applications on occasion not very often its way too expensive and BG sprayer or Trutech are better options. I will say however when you pump it up by hand to full capacity it sprays alot harder and thicker then a B&G sprayer which isnt neccesary unless im trying to hit a wasp nest real high up or something.

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    Poor Quality Tank

    By Sal on 06/17/2019

    Used for maybe 2 years not full time. Battery/Compressor best part but I did not feel it could pressurize a bit more. Wand worthless, changed to B&G. Tank is a huge disappointment. It developed two hairline cracks at the curved base where the battery goes and is leaking. One crack on each side. Obviously a,manufacturing flaw. For the money this product stinks overall. B&G is still the tried and true. Oh and one more thing. No replacement tank available at least on this web site. No way I would buy this terrible product again or invest a single further penny!! Stay away from it.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)