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Grow tents are an essential part of any amateur gardener or grower’s equipment needs. Soil grow tents allow for plants to be grown indoors, making them especially useful places with extremely hot or cold weather. DoMyOwn’s professional grade grow tents allow both amateurs, hobbiest, and professionals the ability to grow plants indoors year round. 

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Grow Indoors with Grow Tents

Made with canvas “walls” that are lined with reflective material, indoor grow houses are designed to capture the heat of a grow lamp and funnel that heat and light into the plant. These specialized tents are water resistant, so they won’t mildew as you water your plants. They are also pest and disease-resistant, keeping your plants safe as they grow.

Most grow tents, like the ones made by Gorilla Grow Tent, are height adjustable to account for the ceiling height in the room you choose to grow your plants. Grow houses and tents can be easily assembled by hand and include duct vent outlets.

Panels in the walls of hydroponic grow tents provide easy access to your plants. Reinforced seals and strong zippers keep your plants secure. And durable materials like steel framing poles mean your grow tent will last for years.

In addition to grow tents, we also sell Grow Lights.

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