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Deirdre from Apache Junction, Az 85120 writes

I have a 36 foot RV I currently live in with my dog who I have been treating with K9AdvantixII for 4 weeks

I have sprayed 2-20oz cans in the RV, in all compartments as well as my car over the last 2 weeks. The final treatment was yesterday. I have vaccuumed every day often twice a day but I still feel fleas. I read the instructions thoroughly many times but saw nowhere to spray a second time exactly 14 days after the first treatment. I am at my wits end to the point where I fantasize lighting my rig on fire and watching it burn. Is it going to be necessary to treat the rig again? I am going broke trying to get rid of these things.I even threw out all of my bedding and replaced it with brand new bedding. How much longer should I expect these things to last and what else, if anything do I have to do?


Are you still actually seeing fleas or only feeling them? It can take 2-6 weeks of applying Ultracide to get rid of a flea infestation and if your pet is picking up fleas from outdoors and shedding them indoors it can take much longer to get rid of the infestation. It is necessary to do a follow up treatment after 14 days, this is industry standard.

Answer last updated on: 01/08/2012

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