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Edwin from Maine writes

I have mold growing on plywood flooring in a new construction on the underside. Will this product work?

Can this product be added to a Disodium Octaborate (DOT) mixture?


Docket DF is a fungicide not a moldicide and will not work for your needs. We do carry Boracare with Moldcare which is meant for use on wood. Boracare with Moldcare is the pest control industry's leading product in the fight against mold. It is the only EPA-registered product that will both kill and prevent mold on wood surfaces. Not only does Bora-care with Mold-care treat mold, but it also acts as a surface protectant, killing all forms of fungi, sanitizing and disinfecting the treated area. In addition, wood treated with Boracare with Moldcare will render wood impervious to termites, powderpost beetles and other wood-destroying insects. You will need to use Mold Clean to get rid of the mold stains prior to using the Boracare with Moldcare.

Answer last updated on: 11/17/2011

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