Herbicides for Ornamental Plants

Weeds aren’t only found in lawns, but can overtake your flower beds as well. Herbicides, or weed killers, will help you control weeds to let the beauty of your flowers be the focal point of your yard. Our selection of ornamental herbicides are designed specifically to be used on flowers and other ornamental plants to keep your flowers safe with use.

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Herbicide Weed Killers for Ornamentals

When choosing an herbicide for your ornamentals, look for selective herbicides, which target specific weeds and will leave your plants unaffected by the weed killer. Always read the label carefully to make sure the product is safe to use on and around your desirable plants, and that the weeds you want to kill are listed on the label.  

You can also select a pre emergent or a post emergent herbicide formula. Pre-emergent herbicides work to kill weeds before they grow above the ground by targeting the germinated weed seeds under the soil. Timing is very important with these products; they must be applied before seeds begin to grow, which is usually in the spring when temperatures reach 55 degrees, otherwise they will not be effective. Post emergent products can be applied to weeds already up and growing in your yard.

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