Natural & Organic Herbicides for Ornamentals

When you are committed to keeping your garden and landscape ornamentals natural and organic, you don’t have to sacrifice using powerful and effective weed killers. There are several natural and organic herbicides available to keep weeds out of your ornamental plantings, helping you keep your yard looking its best, while minimizing chemical exposure to your family and the environment.

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A professional non-selective post-emergence herbicide that control annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaf weeds.
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An OMRI listed non-selective herbicide for control against unwanted vegetation for lawn and garden.

Natural & Organic Herbicides for Ornamentals

Natural and organic herbicides for ornamentals usually contain ingredients like clove oil (sometimes labeled as eugenol) citric acid, citrus oil (D-limonene), and horticultural soaps, including sodium lauryl sulfate. Often times these products are non-selective, but can still be used around your ornamental plants.

Even though these products are natural, they should still be used with caution, especially around your ornamentals. Apply carefully around desired plants, because contact with your desired plants can cause damage or death. If you want a product that can be used for organic gardening, look on the label for OMRI compliant or organic gardening compliant labels.

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