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  • Asked by Joe from Riverview, Fl.
    How often can Hi Yield Triple 16 be applied?

    The applications of Hi Yield Triple 16 (16 - 16 - 16) will depend on what/where you are treating.

    Lawns: Fertilize established lawns with up to 2 cups for every 200 sq. ft. or the entire bag for 4,000 sq. ft. 
    For new lawn establishment: apply up to 2½ cups for every 200 sq. ft or the entire bag on 3200 sq. ft. and incorporate to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. • Not for use on lawns in the state of Washington and Florida.

    Trees: Fertilize trees in the early spring as buds break. Make a second application 6 to 8 weeks later. Apply a fall application when leaves begin to turn color and drop. Apply at drip line and outward, not up against the trunk.

    Fruit, Nut: Fertilize fruit and nut trees twice per year. Just before bud break in the spring and again in the fall after leaves begin to drop. Apply evenly under drip line, not up against the trunk of the tree.

    Citrus: Fertilize citrus trees starting in late February or early March, then repeat every 6 weeks up to 4 times. Avoid the temptation to apply more, this can have an adverse effect.

    Shrubs & Small Evergreens: Fertilize shrubs in spring and fall, occasionally a mid-summer application may be desired.

    Flowers and Vegetables: • Before planting, incorporate 2 cups per 100 sq. ft. • After establishment of plants, apply 1/4 cup per 25-ft. row, keeping it 3 inches away from the stems and leaves. Repeat application every six weeks. • Avoid the temptation to apply more, this can have an adverse effect

    Please be sure to review the product label for more information and complete application instructions.

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